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Mazinger Z CD4 [MzRG] ELINK

Ya esta disponible el elink para mula/burro del cuarto cd de la release de Mazinger Z, despues de expandirlo un poco por las news, ya lo hemos puesto a compartir en el burro, aquí teneis el enlace.

A disfrutarlo y a compartirlo lo maximo que podais.

Mazinkaiser VS. Dark General

You can download from BitTorrent section the video of new Mazinkaiser's OVA.

It has no subtitles and it's courtesy of Terry.

Foot notes: The video is compressed with the XviD codec.
You can install ffdshow. It's a directshow filter which plays every codec based on MPG4:
You can download it by clicking here.

Shin Getter OST 2 on BitTorrent

It's available on BitTorrent, thanks to Terry, the original soundtrack of Shin Getter Robot OVAs.

They're 25 MP3s on variable bitrate and 60 MB height.

To access the BitTorrent staff look on the left menu or click here.

Super Robot Spirits 2000 (Live concert) on BitTorrent

I'm testing a BitTorrent tracker.

I'm sharing a video of a live concert of SRW themes.

More info here.
(Sorry, spanish but if you know bittorrent you only need to click the tLink).

Mazinger Z PaperModel

There's a new eLink to Mazinger's paper model. A 70 cm height model.

PaperModels are very popular between anime fans.
Models use to be extras added to anime books or DVDs.

You can see an example by clicking here.

Click here to get the eLink.

Promotional video of the new Mazinkaiser vs Dark General OVA.

You can download two different video formats.
The RM video is the original one taken from the oficial website and an alternative converted to AVI (DivX 5.0.5) format.

RM video here.
AVI video here.

Mazinger Z & Shin Getter Dynamic Songz

New eLink of a Mazinger Z & Shin Getter CD.

More info. here.

Mazinkaiser VS. Dark General: Death fighting!

The date for the new OVA of Mazinkaiser is... july 25 of 2003.

You can take a look to the DVD cover and more info. on japanese by clicking here.

An automatic translation into english by clicking here.
Foot notes: News submited by Gettarobo at Mazinger Z mailing list.

Old web messaging system.

The old messaging has been replaced by the new one based on forum.

If you want to check old messages (Unread or stored) you can check them here for a limited time.

Till now you must make use of the links at the left placed in Inbox. Little by little I'm making changes to erase old system.


SRW F Final eLink

The new eLink is in its forum's section.
Thanks to kojikun.

Here to get more info.

Getter Robot Daikessen eLink

This eLink has been added to the webpage's collection.

You can reach them by click on here.

eLink collection.

Go to forums for a collection of several eLinks of SRW games for PSX.
You can play them on your PSX (ModChip) or with an emulator.

Click here for a direct link to the forum.

Happy birthday!!

30 years ago, Mazinger Z was aired on japanese television for very first time.

Happy birthday to Suppa Robotto.

Script of Mazinkaiser's 7th OVA

It's available from now the script of he last of Mazinkaiser OVAs, 7th one.

It's annouced new OVAs soon on 2003.

You can download it by clicking here.
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