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Mazinkaiser OVA 7 translation

Due to e-mail troubles, I hadn't received the last Kaiser OVA's translation at time. ^_^U

For all the people that can't wait until I finish the script, it's available the spanish translation.
The final script will be finished in a couple of days.

You can download it by clicking here.

Grandizer game

At Curras de Koji site (Spanish) you can find a link to a Grandizer Game, it has cute graphics.

I think almost nobody has it. It is a curiosity item.
Foot notes:
You can download the game clicking here.

Mazinkaiser OVA 7

The 7th OVA of Mazinkaiser is available on eDonkey network. (Original version, no subtitles).

This is the eLink:
ed2k://|file|MazinKaiser 07 (RAW - japones).avi|301056124|642e9292f3c6effb225df29e9af141ed|

The spanish subtiles will be available in this web in a few days.

Broken link.

Fixed link to Super Robot Wars Pinball for Gameboy Color link.

Mazinkaiser OVA 6

It is available the 6th OVA of Mazinkaiser on eDonkey network (Spanish subtitled).

Here´s the elink:
ed2k://|file|Mazinkaiser OVA 6 (Sub es) by Cyrus y Garada.avi|220139520|418E8E40C64D858ABBAEB64020252536|

Previous OVAs elinks are available on Forum, click here.

Script of Mazinkaiser's 6th OVA

The spanish script of Mazinkaiser's 6th OVA is available on downloads section.
Foot notes:
Direct link to the scripts, here.

Mazinkaiser OVA 6 ending video

Mazinkaiser's 6th OVA has a new ending wich has a Mazinger Z ending look.

Mazinger vs. Gran Mazinger site has the video for direct downloading.

To surf to the page, click here.
Foot notes:
Spanish site.

SRW A guide (Gameboy).

It has been added a link to a site where shows how to play Super Robot Wars A for GameBoy Advance.
Foot notes:
More information, here.

Scripts of Mazinkaiser OVAs

Scripts of Mazinkaiser OVAs (2-5) are added to download section.

Tranlated by Giovanni Echevarría and timing by me.

(Spanish language).

Web news.

New ROMs:

  • Super Robot Wars R for GameBoy Advance.

  • Super Robot Wars Compact 2 volumen 1, 2 and 3 for WonderSwan.

Web news.

Today's new ROMs:

  • Mazinger Z for Arcade (MAME).

  • Super Robot Wars A for GameBoy Advance.

  • Super Robot Wars Compact for WonderSwan.

  • Super Robot Wars Compact for WonderSwan Color.

Web news.

Today's new ROM:

Super Robot Pinball for GameBoy COLOR.

Web news.

New ROMs have been added to SNES section:
  • CB Chara Wars

  • Super Robot Wars III

  • Super Robot Wars IV, the original japanese version and the patched english one

  • Super Robot Wars EX

Web news.

New ROMs added to SNES section:
  • Battle Dodge Ball

  • Battle Dodge Ball II

  • Mazinger Z

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